Mercian Evolution 0.7 Ultimate Composite Hockey Stick 2018 Black/Mint


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Mercian Hockey

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Product Description


Mercian Evolution 0.7

Multi-layer carbon construction hockey stick with 80% Toray carbon supplemented with fibreglass, Kevlar and basalt.
  • This Mercian Hockey stick, with it's Ultimate bend, represents fantastic value for money with 80% Carbon at a relatively low consumer price point.
  • The Ultimate bend offers an aggressive low-bend shape with an open face and shaft profile to aid drag-flicking, sling-shot pushing and disguised slaps.
  • The high-levels of carbon still offer high energy transfer which is the fundamental requirement for hitting power.
  • However, the 20% make-up of fibreglass, basalt and Kevlar offer a good level of feel and forgiveness if the player doesn't find the hitting sweet sport every time.

About the Bow: The Ultimate Bend is the most aggressive low bend that we have ever made, the maximum bend at the lowest legal point enhances drag flicking and aerial skills, it has a shaft weighting to aid stick head speed but still provide power and balance for the slapping and pushing associated with elite level skill execution. Suited for elite players, players with performance aspirations, desire to drag-flick and/or the ability to change hand position on skill execution, specifically hitting.

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