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JDH X79TT LB Silver Composite Hockey Stick 2020


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Product Description


JDH X79TT LB Silver Composite Hockey Stick 2020


The X79 has been a huge success internationally since 2015. Introduced into the market with a unique layup, players immediately fell in love with it's power to weight ratio. It's light weight and high balance point enables faster swing speeds when hitting and slapping the ball. Taper Toe™ makes it easy to dribble the ball and use your skills in tight situations. JDH have updated the look of the stick for 2020, but at it's core, it's the stick you've come to love. The Low Bow has the advantage of a larger and lower curve position, aiding in 3D skills.


  • Carbon - 80%
  • Mould - Low Bow
  • Head Shape - Taper Toe
  • Curve - 24mm
  • Bow Point - 250mm

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