Grays Indoor Hockey Sticks

Grays have developed a vast range of composite hockey sticks specifically designed for the ever-evolving indoor game. Using a combination of new and innovative materials, the Grays Total Indoor (GTI) range has been designed to offer the touch and feel of a wooden hockey stick but provide the durability and power of hockey composites. The GTI range has been tested rigorously at the highest levels of the game throughout Germany, Holland and the USA.

Just like the outdoor hockey stick range , each stick in the Grays GTI Indoor Range technology range has it’s own rating of Power, Control and Speed from the Grays PCS System. This unique and in depth set of specific information allows you to choose the perfect indoor hockey stick to suit your indoor hockey game. In a game where control and touch are paramount for success.

Grays have combined natural materials with fibreglass and carbon which has created a a range of sticks that are significantly better than the previous indoor composite versions which underlines Grays vision to lead technical innovations in the game of hockey.

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