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Mercian Evolution 0.6 MID Composite Hockey Stick Black/Cyan 2020

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Mercian Evolution 0.6 MID Composite Hockey Stick Black/Cyan 2020
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Mercian Evolution 0.6 MID Composite Hockey Stick Black/Cyan 2020


Multi-layer carbon construction Mercian hockey stick with 80% Toray carbon supplemented with fibreglass, Kevlar and basalt. This Ultimate and Mid bend stick represents fantastic value for money with 80% Carbon at a relatively low consumer price point. The Ultimate bend offers an aggressive low-bend shape with an open face and shaft profile to aid drag-flicking, sling-shot pushing and disguised slaps. The Mid-bow option offers a straighter, more conventional bend for hitting purists. The high-levels of carbon still offer high energy transfer which is the fundamental requirement for hitting power, however, the 20% make-up of fibreglass, basalt and Kevlar offer a good level of feel and forgiveness if the player doesn't find the hitting sweet spot every time.

MID BEND:-A 22mm bend situated 300mm up the shaft. A majority of players look for a low or extreme low bend stick that helps with drag flicking, aerials or 3D skill execution. However, an increasing number look for a straighter stick, aligning hands with the stick face and so assisting accuracy with hitting and slapping. This NEW mid-bow is designed for exactly that.

HIGH-FRICTION FINISH:-The Evolution line sticks feature a silicon based resin coating on the face of the sticks. Increased friction on the head of a stick, as seen on many of the leading brands products, enhances ball control and skill execution. On the Evolution models Mercian have created that friction surface using silicon rather than silica. These tiny (black) rubber particles give a texture to the surface and because they have the characteristics of rubber they can squash (compress) and at a microscopic level provide a degree of 'damping' and assist with stopping and ball control.

PIEZO-ELECTRIC FIBRES:-Piezo-electric fibres are included in the Evo.0.1 - Evo.0.5 and are used to 'harvest' the vibrations created in these super-stiff sticks and turn them into heat.The result of this is efficient vibration dampening. As a vibration damping material, the vibrations created from striking a ball create the 'stress' within the Piezo fibres and create an electrical charge (dispersed as heat).

NANO-CARBON TECHNOLOGY:-Think small and strong. All Mercian composite sticks are made using a complex process of bonding materials together; the smaller the gaps between the materials in these bonds, the stronger the stick will be. Nano-Carbon Technology involves adding microscopic carbon straws to the bonding resins for the purpose of filling these tiny gaps which are otherwise filled only by resin. These hollow carbon straws within the resin provide multi-directional strength between the materials. The result being a stronger and more resistant bond which increases the overall strength of the stick. Nano-Carbon Technology is used in all sticks with a carbon content.

RESINS:-Prior to hand-crafting and then 'baking' under heat and pressure, the raw materials are impregnated using complex resins. Standard commercial resins will form adequate bonds between the layers but for true high-quality performance multiple resins are blended to ensure the chemical properties of all the materials are considered and accounted for in the manufacturing process.

COLD SATIN LACQUER:-An alternative lacquer finish applied to the top sticks in the range. Standard matt and gloss lacquers have a similar level of friction and a create a specific temperature 'feel' underneath the right hand when it is below the grip. The CSL is applied to the area directly below the grip on certain sticks to reduce friction and enhance dribbling.

M-GEL:-A silicon rubber gel is applied to the inside of the sticks in the designated 'M-Gel' area and it acts as a barrier to vibration, creating a slightly softer feel to all the sticks and enhancing the touch the player experiences.

CARBON FIBRE:-Anywhere where high performance is required Carbon Fibre's superior strength to weight ratio offers significant advantages, and sporting goods are no exception. It is used to replace or reduce metal, wood and steel con- tent in a wide variety of sports applications. Carbon strands are made up of multiple filaments. Stiffness, durability, power, and very high strength to weight ratio allowing for a high performance light-weight hockey stick.

ARAMID / KEVLAR:-Light weight and has excellent anti abrasion and impact properties and is used on the heal of the hockey stick to prevent quick wear down from use. Aramid fibres in the shaft also enhance vibration dampening and enhance edge protection for backhand skill execution.


  • 80% Carbon
  • Mid Bend
  • High Friction Finish
  • Piezo-Electric Fibres
  • Nano-Carbon Technology
  • Complex Resins
  • Cold Satin Lacquer
  • M-Gel
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Aramid/Kevlar
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