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Grays Composite Hockey Sticks

Shop the full range of outstanding Grays Hockey Stickswhich feature some of the most innovative technology on the UK hockey market. Most recently Grays added Geocentric Core technology to their range of Grays KN Kinetic hockey sticks creating a range of hockey sticks that offer a light and nimble pickup. The Grays range of premium hockey sticks are optimised using the finest materials that are technically engineered to maximise performance and allow you to control all of the factors that affect your game.

The Grays Hockey Stick Range for 2019 sees the return of the ever popular Probow blade profile, alongside the Probow Xtreme, Dynabow, Midbow and Jumbow blades meaning their really is a perfect stick for your unique style of play.

Grays Hockey Sticks are renowned worldwide and as such are used by many top international hockey players including Sam Ward, Matias Paredes and Grace Balsdon but with Grays senior hockey sticks starting at just £44.99, there is a stick to suit ever budget.

We offer a Price Match Guarantee on all Grays Hockey Sticks and FREE UK Mainland Delivery on all orders over £75.00. If you would like any further advice on which hockey stick in the Grays range would be most suitable to your style of play, please do not hesitate to contact the HFS customer services.

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Grays P.C.S System

To help make choosing your new hockey stick even easier, Grays have introduced a grading system for each hockey stick, known as the PCS system. An acronym for Power, Control & Speed, the Grays PCS system helps to clearly display how the different construction of a Stick affects its overall playability and makes comparing two sticks a breeze.

The aim of the PCS system – to define the playing characteristics of composite hockey sticks enabling you to make a highly informed choice about which stick will suit your style of play. Grays combined technical data and vast hockey expertise of new technology based on the new generation of players. Grays are constantly seeking to develop a hockey stick range that provide an unparalleled combination of dynamic speed, ratcheted power and intricate control.

Keep an eye out for the PCS rating info-graphics in the product descriptions of all Grays sticks to see how you potential new hockey stick compares for Power, Speed and Control.

  • The direct correlation between ball speed and stick stiffness defines exactly how fast you can move the ball over the astro, be it a shot or a pass. The stiffness of a hockey stick is mostly dependent upon the type and amount of the materials by which the composite stick is made with (Graphene, Carbon, Aramid, Fibreglass) and also by the way these materials are constructed and the resins that are applied to keep the materials together. The higher up the Grays hockey stick range you progress, the more the power ratio of each stick increases. The top KN sticks such as the Grays KN 12000 and the top GR hockey sticks such as the GR 11000 offer extremely high power ratings.

  • With hockey sticks becoming increasing more powerful, your ability to control the ball with your first touch, has never been more important. Similarly to the generation of power, the material make up of a hockey stick dictates how responsive the stick will be and the amount of rebound there will be. Grays’ constantly evolving stick technologies ensure that ultimate power production is balanced by perfect control. The Grays Kinetic range features a new one piece rubber handle (PDH) which provides exceptional feel and enables excellent control during the most intricate of moves. The pro feel area (PFA), improved feel area (IFA) and true feel area (TFA) at the head of the selected sticks is created with a specific combination of Aramid and Fibreglass to provided a greater feel of the ball on the stick.

  • The amount of hand speed you can generate on the pitch is dictated by how well balanced the hockey stick is. Not only is the overall weight of the stick key but the balance point of the stick equally if not more important. The Kinetic Core Technology that is featured within the KN range has allowed for more control of the materials used in the make up of the stick and this extra control has contributed to the development of lightweight hockey sticks that are perfectly suited to fast paced 3D and Aerial skills that are so popular with the modern hockey player.