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Grays KN7 Probow Micro Composite Hockey Stick 2021

Grays KN7 Probow Micro Composite Hockey Stick 2021

Grays KN7000 Probow Hockey Stick 2021


  • Power, control & speed are balanced to perform in tight areas when under pressure.
  • Geocentric Core Technology with Tri-Tec carbon weave and Graphene reinforcement.
  • Probow blade profile is ideal for drag flicking & 3D skills.
  • The Kinetic Core technology in the KN range allows a better balanced precision stick to be produced. Effective redistribution of weight maximise the balance and speed.
  • Slim Blade Thickness
  • Classic curved backshape construction
  • Groove Faceshape


  • Bow: Probow - 24.75mm @ 200mm
  • Headshape: Micro 50°
  • Heel Protection: DHP - Durazone Heel Protection. An advanced formulation of abrasion resistant materials which dramatically reduces heel wear.
  • Playing Face: PFA - Pro Feel Area. Combined with aramid, the vibration dampening foam used in Kinetic Core Technology softens the first touch, while the external playing surface is both textured and coated in a high grip silicone.
  • Backhand Zone: PEP - Pro Edge Protection. An advanced formulation of impact-resistant materials and resin formulation, to help improve the longevity of the backhand edge.
  • Handle: PDH - Pro Dampening Handle. A lightweight, high performance foam surrounds the handle to efficiently dissipate shockwaves.
  • Carbon Technology: Twill UDT. will carbon with additional torque bars provides extra stability against twisting forces, also increasing the strike zone of the stick.
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