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Dragon Hockey

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Dragon Hockey is one of the fastest, and most exciting, hockey brands to come to the UK market in recent years. With a selection of premium carbon hockey sticks they bring class and performance perfectly together.

They have a number of international players across the UK and Europe, including 15 senior internationals, of which 4 are part of the Great Britain program.

Since launching they have received a large amount of press coverage, being covered by Hockey World News: “The Fire hockey stick not only feels good in your hands but has a large sweet spot for transferring hitting power. The 75% carbon layup gives just enough flex whilst remaining rigid with each hit”

And @BossofHockey: “The Hydra is a great allrounder stick. It’s well balanced, has a light head and packs a punch when hitting. It’s great for short passes and flicks, and is especially useful for any player who is looking to add power to their dragflicks.”

Dragon Hockey is set to light up the hockey market with new and exciting ranges, all designed to help you unleash your full potential.

Dragon Hockey - #UNLEASH

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