And so, we have finally landed on this blogosphere world fully kitted out with our combined over 100 years of experience of field hockey and the hockey industry. Our knowledge of the game and the industry, and the people in the game that we have met over the years including international players and coaches, brand owners, product manufacturers and other retailers sure will help us create and provided some great content to share with you guys.

So why this blog? Why now? Why not before? Who flicked the switch?
These are some very interesting questions and the answers will be included in our upcoming blogs which will cover a variety of topics within of our loved sport. There are few misconceptions which we wish to clarify, some rules which have baffled us over the years and people that have intrigued us that we wish to introduce to the hockey playing public. We have players and coaches who will offer their tips and tricks who might just be able to help you turn that corner and better your game.

Finally, once in a while an occasional rant! Let’s face it, a blog is not complete without a rant as they always make for an interesting read (in our humble opinion anyway), we will try to be as reasonable as possible but bear with as this is new for us!

So, without further ado let the blogging begin!